Caitlin Cimons

What is your favorite quote and who said it?

“If you learn to use it right, the adversity, it will buy you a ticket to a place you couldn’t have gone any other way.” – Tony Bennett (UVA basketball coach)

What are you best known for?

Probably being talkative

Who is your hero?

My parents

Why did you join Lane Office?

I saw it as the perfect opportunity to learn the industry at a well-respected, successful company

Tell me one fun or interesting fact about yourself…?

I spent spring break in Costa Rica with 3 of my best friends when we got the email that we wouldn’t be returning back to classes in-person due to COVID. A very bittersweet memory

What are you most proud of?

My resilience. And graduation from UVA

What was your favorite class in college?

“What is education for?”

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