Jillian Cunningham

What is your favorite quote and who said it?

“You’ll never do a whole lot unless you’re brave enough to try” – Dolly Parton

What are you best known for?

My encyclopedic knowledge of everything pop culture

What is your favorite book?

Pride and Prejudice…I’m a romantic

Who is your hero?

My Mom and Dad

Why did you join Lane Office?

As a marketing professional I fell for the company’s story

Tell me one fun or interesting fact about yourself…

I grew up in Humacao, Puerto Rico and lived there for 4 years in elementary school

What was your favorite class in college?

Drawing, it was 3 hours long and we listened to David Bowie during the final

What are you most proud of?

Moving to Manhattan!

What is your job title and what do you do?

Marketing Director. I lead and champion all marketing efforts for Lane

What is your favorite pastime or hobby?

Anything with food. Cooking, baking…eating

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